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I look forward to visiting many more of the Oyate.

Dear Editor,
Part Three. Meanwhile on the Rosebud, we have just had our RST Primary Election for 10 Council seats as well as our President /
Vice President Primary elections. As I expected most of the Council incumbents made it through and will be on the ballot for our August 23rd General Election. Election results have been posted and published in various news outlets. I am gratified that we have good choices in almost all the open positions, nevertheless; we must remain voter vigilant as some are clearly much better choices than others. Vote for those who let you know what they stand for and how they intend to better the lives of the Oyate. This can be accomplished through any number of methods, including newspaper ads and candidate forums. We cannot waste our votes on politicians who seem to see our vote as an entitlement. I have obtained the 2017-2018 Council travel and Council Meeting attendance figures and while I was surprised by the prudent travel figures I was taken aback by the lackluster attendance percentages of some Council Representatives. I can share these with you upon request and will be happy to let you know of my Council picks. Your vote is important! Please do not waste it. All Tribal Cherry Todd Electric Cooperative members, REMEMBER, September 22Nd at 10 am in White River will be the CTE annual meeting and election. We are on the cusp of the realization of a vision. That being a Cherry Todd Electric Cooperative Majority Tribal Member Board. The Oyate for Fairness and Equal Representation (OFFER) has again began organizational strategies to realize this vision this year and we expect to see you all you Tribal CTE members in White River on September 22nd. Share in witnessing the reality of this historic destiny. Much more on this in my next writing. Congratulations to the RST Utility Commission on a successful, informative Utility Forum this past Friday July 27Th held at the RST Council Chambers. It was too bad only two Council Representatives saw it as important enough to attend. (the Ring Thunder and He Dog Reps.) Wopila Tanka He to all of you who called / spoke to me after my last two letters ran in various newspapers. These conversations covered a multitude of Tribal issues which concern you all. They range from Community Government to the Salazar / WAPA monies and a whole slew in between. I do intend to research all these as promised and will write about my findings in future letters. Your faith inspires me and I look forward to visiting many more of the Oyate. Part Four coming soon. Till next time, Toksa! And God Bless.

Sincerely, Ronald L Neiss, P.O. Box
563, Rosebud, SD 57570. 1-605-208-

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