2018-06-14 / Voices


We must remember that when we stand together anything is possible.

Dear Editor:

Greetings District 27! I want to take this time to say thank you for coming out in the extreme heat to cast your vote on June 5th. I want to thank all the candidates who took up a petition to begin the discussion on what we want District 27 to look like in November. I want to thank Jim Bradford, a fierce warrior of District 27 and Nikki Littlewhiteman, a rising star in District 27, for taking out the petition and engaging in this most important conversation.

From this day forward Peri Pourier, Red Dawn and I will need every one of our friends, relatives, and fellow District 27 constituents to register and cast their ballots in November. District 27 is not only needing you but the state of South Dakota does too, as Billie Sutton and Tim Bjorkman are geared up to face off with their opponents. Change is hard, but not impossible. We must remember that when we stand together anything is possible.

Margaret Ross
Candidate for District 27

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