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The Bad Face Consulting Podcast


Prolific the Rapper Prolific the Rapper PINE RIDGE – Bad Face Consulting has released the names of three of its guest who will appear during its debut season.

Chase Iron Eyes, Prolific the Rapper and Tipiziwin Tolman will all make appearances on Season 1 of The Bad Face Consulting Podcast.

The first episode of the show featuring Chase Iron Eyes is slated to drop across all platforms on June 4, 2018.

“We promised that we would reach out to all corners of Indian Country to make this podcast special. I think the people we plan on bringing on will be able to shed some light on issues and topics other productions cannot,” said Bad Face Consulting in a release.

Iron Eyes is an American Indian activist, attorney, politician, and a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. He is a member of the Lakota People’s Law Project and a co-founder of the Native American news website Last Real Indians.

Tipiziwin Tolman Tipiziwin Tolman “There are so many difficult topics in Indian Country that are not receiving the attention they deserve from the mainstream media. Those that are being covered, are being done so without the inclusion of the views of the people living on reservations. This podcast will amplify the reach of our people’s voices,” said Brandon Ecoffey, founder of Bad Face Consulting.

Prolific the Rapper is an Indigenous Hip Hop and film artist currently based out of Rapid City, SD. He was recently active in the NoDAPL Indigenous resistance movement at Standing Rock, ND. For filming at Standing Rock, Morton County Sheriff’s office attempted to put him in prison for 7 years. He beat them in court and is now free working on more music.

Unbeknownst to most, Prolific spent a chunk of his childhood growing up in Pine Ridge Village. During that time, Prolific’s best bud was Bad Face Consulting founder Brandon Ecoffey. However, they lost contact with each other for more than 2 decades. Just prior to the events at Standing Rock they randomly bumped into each other. On the show they will discuss everything from music, the media, to morning routines and wellness philosophy.

Chase Iron Eyes Chase Iron Eyes Tipiziwin Tolman is a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and a staunch advocate for the revitalization of indigenous languages. While she supports the effort to find new ways of learning and teaching Native languages, she believes that some of the most important cultural and spiritual caveats of them are being lost in the process. Tipiziwin will comment on these issues, as well as the political and social implications for those who choose to go against the grain.

While the entire guest list has not been made public, the show’s producers say that subject matter will include: Native Hiphop, controversies in the world of Language

Revitalization, South

Dakota’s failures to adhere to the Indian

Child Welfare Act, marijuana legalization in Indian Country and more.

Ray Rowland (Oglala

Lakota), cohost of the show, says that he envisions the podcast assisting upcoming artists with their efforts to distribute their music.

“There is a whole lot of talent that isn’t getting the play they deserve on the radio. We are going to sort through the riff- raff and play some of those gems that are out there,” said Rowland.

The show promises to provide an informed and honest take on topics other outlets refuse to touch.

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