2018-03-08 / The Holy Road

Kelsey Grassrope

OCTOBER 29, 1991 ~ FEBRUARY 26, 2018

Funeral services for Kelsey C. Grassrope, 26, of Lower Brule, SD were held on Monday, March 5, 2018 at the Lower Brule Community Center in Lower Brule, SD with burial in the Holy Comforter Episcopal Cemetery at Lower Brule, SD. A three-night wake service was held at the Lower Brule Community Center in Lower Brule, SD.

This is the story of Kelsey Collette Grassrope, an incredibly beautiful soul that was loved, is missed, and will always be cherished. KelC was an amazing daughter, sister, friend, athlete, and genuine person.

Kelsey’s story starts on October 29,1991, born to Ron Estes and Lisa Grass Rope. Kelsey was born in Chamberlain, SD and was enrolled in the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe.

Kelsey attended St. Joseph’s Indian School from first through twelfth grade, 1998-2010. During these years she lived in the Afra (1st-3rd), William (4th- 5th), Stevens (6th-8th), and Cottonwood (9th- 12th) homes. She attended Chamberlain High School as part of the St. Joseph’s Indian School High School program and was a 2010 graduate of Chamberlain High School. Kelsey was known for her ability to make connections and to build relationships with people. She made a significant impact on her friends, teachers, and many others over the years. Kelsey had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to tease and play jokes on others. Her smile was contagious, her heart was so pure and full of love.

In elementary school and high school, Kelsey excelled at athletics. Volleyball became her love and she worked her way to a starting position on the CHS varsity team. Kelsey’s enthusiasm and competitive spirit were appreciated and respected by her team, coaches, and all that knew her.

Upon high school graduation, Kelsey attended Stewart’s School for Cosmetology in Sioux Falls, SD. She planned to return to school after working for a few years. Kelsey worked various jobs, blessing all with her easy-going personality and unconditional acceptance and love.

Now Kelsey is at rest. We’ll all hold her close in our mind and spirit. Let us find and encourage within ourselves, within our community, those gifts that make each of us special: not star power, not intellectual power, but the extraordinary beauty of the simple human heart.

Kelsey passed away on February 26, 2018 at Clark, SD. She is survived by her mother Lisa Grass Rope; her father Ron Estes; eight brothers Dorrelle Estes, Brandon Grassrope, Ronald Estes Jr., J-Lin Estes, Cameron Carpenter, Kyle Carpenter, Marley Estes, and Chance Middletent; three sisters Sissilee Estes, Ronette Estes, and Sasha Carpenter; and all her family and friends at St. Joseph’s Indian School and Chamberlain High School.

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