2017-11-30 / Voices

Cooking The Holiday Bird


It was a great Thanksgiving! Being a chef, it was fitting that I cook a great turkey. I was in charge of the turkey and cutting onions and peeling potatoes this year.

I did make Italian bread that rocked but I was happy I did not have to make the other fixings. When the turkey was done and we were ready to eat it was an honor to cut the turkey. I sharpened my knife and made the best cuts ever. My bread was great and a couple days after we made croutons. I enjoyed thanksgiving and look forward to Christmas because I am going to cook some ham. I love ham, but I will have to cook it before because my sister/friend is a vegetarian. I hope to see the tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City. I want to spend my last Christmas here with seeing the sights, and I am super excited to be here but want to move west.

I am working on getting stronger and almost ready to move back in the kitchen. I was off my feet for a few weeks, but I am seeking to get my energy back in the next week. I was able to get some yard work done because of the trees. I am still working on the yard, but I am confident the fresh air will help to make me feel stronger. Water is Life and when you drink it helps to heal the body but you do need air. If you breathe through the nose and out through the mouth you can get the best energy. Plus, walking is really great for the body because it will cause you to heal. I have been dealing with my diabetes and am feeling stronger every day because of vitamins and exercise.

I was told by a friend that I disappointed many people because I left. I understand the thought but I would have died if I stayed in Pine Ridge! Yes, the health care is horrible, and we are given bad or old medicine. I have not been a cake or sweet eater as I prefer savory, but I became diabetic in 2000 and I fought with my sugars. I am mostly under control and hope to build after a surgery that messed up my body but I am ready to get my A1 C to a normal. Diet and medicine can help you to get it under control. I know we are dealing with death, but it can be fought because we are Lakota and they tried many things to destroy us.

I hope to move west soon. I believe I will be there in the coming months and I hope to be around our people. I think they are working to destroy us as a people, but we will stay strong. The Lakota people are the last people of this continent to stop the European influence or destruction of a whole race of people. I have understood the destruction, but I am working to change the way we are treated. My hope and desire is to live and flourish.

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