2017-11-30 / The Holy Road

Myron “Buffalo” Beauvais Sr.

Myron Irving Beauvais was born on February 8th, 1957 at Rosebud South Dakota to Victoria Iron Shooter and Benjamin Franklin Beauvais. He peacefully entered the Spirit World on Nov. 03, 2017 at Rapid City, SD. Myron received his middle name from his dad’s brother named Irving Beauvais. At one point he changed his name to “Tatanka” and was well known as “Buffalo”. Myron had 2 older sisters and 5 older brothers (Dolores Star Boy Mccloskey, Edward Beauvais Sr., Carl Beauvais Sr., Harvey Beauvais Sr., Dr. Archie Beauvais, Charlotte Beauvais LaPointe, Robert Beauvais Sr.) Plus he had one younger brother and one younger sister (Elvis Beauvais, Celeste Beauvais). He also had numerous in-laws, cousins, nieces and nephews. Myron attended one semester of elementary school at St Joseph’s Indian School in Chamberlain South Dakota but managed to leave by persuading his dad to let him return home to school in Mission, South Dakota. Myron’s beloved paternal Lakota grandmother, unci Charlotte Hawkins Beauvais was always nearby to help raise the Beauvais children while their parents were working. Growing up was always a struggle for a big family in the 50s and 60s, but Myron like the rest of the family managed to get by. The Beauvais kids played football and basketball together, racing up Rock Hill. They did water fights in the summer and climbed nearby haystacks, making homemade masks at Halloween, and snowball fights and sledding in the cold winters. Grandma Beauvais was always cooking for the kids, taking some of them fishing at the Mission Dam, telling them stories etc. Myron grew up with aunts and uncles and cousins around, and in spite of being somewhat of a “rebel” at times, his parents and siblings always wished the best for him and always worried about him. In his younger years, Myron did a lot of “hitch hiking” and enjoyed meeting new people. After Myron grew up, he finally realized he had an addiction to Alcohol. He did finally manage to quit and get his life in order. *Myron proudly graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Service Counseling from Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. He was employed several places as a alcohol counselor, enjoying his work, until his health became a concern. A hobby of Myron’s, included making and selling beadwork including earrings & iktomi (spider) shapes, both in traditional native colors.

Myron had a relationship with a girlfriend and they had a daughter, Pasquel Beauvais. Myron did not raise her, but she reached out to him throughout the years. Myron married one time and divorced, but he always regretted not being involved with raising his 3 children: Patricia

Beauvais Millard, Jaime Beauvais Millard and Sally Beauvais King. *Myron met his match when he met Gertrude Randall. Gertie had their only child, who they named Myron Jr. and they called him “son”. He was only 12 years of age, when sadly, Gertie passed away. Although it was a struggle, Myron Sr. cherished raising his only son and only wanted the best for him. Gertie had two older daughters that Myron considered his own children. In the following years, Gertie’s daughters, Emma Cournoyer and Cori Stead remained close and their children lovingly claimed Myron Sr. as “Grampa”, as his son’s children did also. It was obvious that Myron Sr. loved being a grandfather to all his grandchildren. Myron enjoyed traveling around in his van, in spite of changing weather conditions. It seemed Myron always made friends along the way. He enjoyed telling stories of his adventures, while sometimes living out of his van.

Meanwhile his advanced lung condition, made it difficult to travel, especially when his doctor insisted he use oxygen full-time. Myron made sure to make it home to visit his dear mother Victoria, now in her late 90s. Victoria was always concerned and worried about Myron. She passed away nearly 8 months before he was hospitalized, and he also entered the *Spirit World. Myron’s siblings and his nieces and nephews always enjoyed seeing him when he returned home. “Buffalo” will always be missed by his family and all that love him and cherish his memory. He touched the hearts of many people. *Tiospaye Church, Rob Burnham initially began the afternoon with prayers. There was a one night wake at Fr. Paul Hall, St. Thomas, in Mission with evening services by Deacon Ben Black Bear. Also evening speaker, Pat Bad Hand and music by Walt Hernandez. *Funeral Services conducted by Fr. David Matzko, S.J. *Pallbearers: Gary “Wi Cikala” LaPointe, Louis White IV, Owen Cournoyer, Randy LaPointe, Robert Beauvais Sr., Wayne Star Boy jr. *Honorary Pallbearers: are all of Myrons children, his grandchildren, his siblings, Beauvais and Iron Shooter cousins, and all his family in-laws. Wopila Tanka, Thank you, to Myron’s close friends and acquaintances and all those individuals involved in his Health care or those that assisted him. Myron was laid to rest near his mother at Trinity Episcopal cemetery in Mission, S.D.

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