2017-05-18 / Voices

The Power Of Being Positive


Well we are dealing with many issues on the home front and in National and International situation. I have been addicted to news coming from the mainstream. I must say that I like CNN, because they seem to be more in the middle.

MSNBC is far to the left and FOX News is on the right and I find myself watching CNN because they seem balanced but when they have people on who support the Republican views they seem like they drink the Kool-Aid or they have bought into Trump’s bafoonery.

First of all, I must say I do not believe this man to be a follower of Jesus. “Christian” is a broad stroke of misinformation because Jesus would not talk about grabbing women. I know we have grace and he laid down his life for all of our sins, but this guy does not represent who Jesus is. He is not a follower. I hate to seem like I am judging but I want my people, the Lakota, to know he does not represent the one I serve.

While the world seems like it is going crazy I am seeking to be positive because it is vital to my dreams. I have been trying to find my match in cooking. I was with a chain for a little while because I thought it was what I wanted to continue my life of cooking.

Most of the chain restaurants do portions. This means that most things come in through a truck and the cooks just usually warm things up. I now have a job where we prepare 75% of the food and it is great as I look forward to some of my recipes that blow some minds. I have been cooking at home and developing my skill set as I have been doing burgers and fries and some other things as well. I have been doing Philly Cheesesteaks and making some chicken sandwiches but I look forward to being part of some great changes for the Pub.

I have been working on my dream of working hard and doing the cooking that I love. Positive thinking is important to everyone because it helps us to move to our dreams. I dream of being around our people and cooking. I do not really understand what all of this means but I am a believer that God has called me to work in Lakota Country. It is part of my DNA and I know I must be close to our Lakota people because it is my vision. I know people will try to find negatives but I am going to be positive in my future. I want to be a part of change among our people. We can survive and if you think positive about changes you can change your future. Get out of the negative and seek the change because it takes lots of work.

I know graduation is here now and we should celebrate every time we see someone take a step forward. We must walk in two worlds and guard ourselves because it is a difficult way of life. I liked working and living in Pine Ridge but now I know there is a huge world out here on the East coast. My desire is to be close to the Lakota people where I can infuse my positivity in the world of Native America. I am developing speed and great food because I would like to work toward my dream. Ideally I would be there right now but I am in a holding pattern but it will not always be the same way. I will be traveling to the OLC graduation next month and my tickets our paid for and we are dealing with the other parts of a week of vacation. I cannot wait to see my granddaughter and her parents. Then I get to celebrate with the graduates. Positive!

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