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After A Decade Of Unprofessionalism Our Children Will Receive Comprehensive Services


Hau Kh’ola (Hello friend), toh niktuka hwo (how are you)? Matanyan yelo (I am well / fine). H’talehan (Yesterday), h’tayetu etkiya (towards the evening), mag’aju ahi (it begin raining) na hanhepi optaya nakun (and through out the night as well). Ihani (Long ago), ma hachi wan hehan (when i was a growing young boy); mag’aju akisni chana shna (after the rainfall stopped) - chan ohan unkomani pi (we would walk amongst the trees) na “chan nankpa” unkole pi (and we would look for “tree ears”).

“Chan nankpa” kin lena (These “Tree ears”), washichun ya (in English) nakun “Mushrooms” ekiyapi (are also called “Mushrooms”). Chan ekta wankatuya ichag’e (They grow high up on the trees). Hunh’ mi nape hehan ichag’e (Some grow as large as my hand). Lila oyute washte (They are very good to eat). Th’okeya (First), tanyan lujaja ktelo (you will wash them well) nahanl lolob ya in ktelo (and then you will boil them). Chan etan mahinh’paye weksuye shni yelo (I do not remember falling off a tree). Lol (Ho Th’anka Ih’ata).

Le Anpetu kin (Today is) Anpetu Th’okahe (Monday). Wojupi Wi (Moon of Planting Seeds - May) Ake Zaptan (15th), Kh’oktopawing’e Nunpa sam Ake Shakowin (2017). H’talehan nakun (Yesterday also), “Ina Th’a Anpetu pi” (was “Mother’s Day”). Nahanh’chi yah’paya pi el Hinhani lah’chi Woyute nichahi pi seche (Perhaps they brought you breakfast in bed). Si ph’a nablablah’kiya yah’paya pi na wayatapi seche (Perhaps you ate lying down while twiddling your toes). Lila washte (Very good).

The good news for last week is that, on May 10th, i was told that the OST L.O.W.O. program may be returning back to the state SD Child Protection Services unit. I also heard about this on April 29th from my nephew in-law. My response to this is a great sigh of relief. After a decade of unprofessionalism and inconsistency; now under the CPS unit - our Lakh’ota children will receive thorough and comprehensive protective services. Even from the OST courts that so blatantly disregarded Home Studies before placing children with their relatives that proved fatal.

Our tribal member children should not have to die after they have gone through the review of the OST courts. Lawlessness was one of the main reasons why Public Law 280 was enacted by congress. He ektunjab shni yo (Do not forget about that).

If there is one program that needs to be held closer to the tribal council: it is the OST police department. The police review boards and the trustee’s are antiquated (outdated, behind the times) concepts. The Chief of Police should be directly under the OST council, as it is in most major cities. The police review boards and trustee’s are an expense to already limited funding that should be going to the Chanksa yuha (Police officers).

In closing, i would like to leave you with a Lakh’ota word (Oie): Oh’anko = a Minute. Oko ichinupa ki (Next week), ake wo unglakin ktelo (we will talk again).

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