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Lots Of People In The Culinary World

Oglala Lakota
Off The Rez Ramblings

I have enjoyed learning the restaurant/culinary world, but I assure you it is whirlwind affair as you have many people working the kitchens.

With people, you have many types of styles, and most of them are just doing their job in order to find their dreams. I have met people who were chefs who have now become managers trying trying to get their kitchens moving like well-oiled machine. I have heard of people stealing and selling drugs and I have seen people who are out of place reaching out to my cooks. I told a guy who offered me a job this past week that my availability is most of the week but I like to keep my Sunday morning because I need church in my life. He agreed that all people should be in church. I agreed, but it is my personal choice to make this a part of my life.

I was a restaurant chef/ manager and was called in on Sunday mornings. One of my cooks did not have a ride and I had a spiritual matter to attend but I drove to where he was and took him to work. I did many things for the betterment of my restaurant but when you add people it gets difficult.

I do not really belong on the east coast. I am learning and hope to be better than I have been plus I have lots of experience. My hands are burnt and I have burn marks on my wrists and know the heat of the kitchen. I have lots of training and have watched a few great chefs do their work as well as some people bottling hot sauce. I have met some incredible men and women along the Off The Rez Ramblings and I have met some bad people as well. Drug addicts and people who were lost in this world, I do not fully understand all of the encounters I have had but I am more understanding of how the world works. I have seen people who went to culinary school and some who are just passionate about their food and I hope to see where my road leads. I admit I do not eat as much as I did in my earlier years but I still love the food. I wrote my first recipe last week and am going to be creating my cookbook. I have more ideas about some food but it will have to be a surprise.

Now, if you have read this far I hope you understand that I usually do not reply to reviews of my columns, but there was one that a guy said I should read my Bible. And he alluded I did not read Revelation which is the end times book of the Bible. I fully understand the ramifications of China and what needs to take place for the final battle. We have missiles and bombs going off from the United States. Afghanistan and Syria have been attacked through Tomahawk missiles and the MOAB bomb which is the largest bomb ever dropped by the United States. It is a clearing of the Middle East and it will be easier to march a large army through the enemy. I do not like the idea of our young men and women to be placed in harm’s way. I know it is hard to comprehend all of the geopolitics and I do not fully understand it all but I trust the Creator to be in full control.

At this point in my life I know I get homesick and miss things that are familiar to me. I love to be close to my children and grand girls and I hope and pray that I will be back as soon as I can with a stronger and better person. I feel like we are Lakota people need to work hard when it comes to our communities. Report crime, respect others, and help the children to know you care. I have sought to be a good uncle and am sure that I have fail but my heart is strong and I hope be a better human being. More next week.

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