2017-04-20 / The Holy Road

Victoria Iron Shooter Beauvais

Victoria Iron Shooter Beauvais would have been 97 years old on July 29th. She went on her journey to the Spirit World on March 16, 2017 at the Rosebud Hospital Inpatient unit. Victoria “Hanhepi Najin Win” was a full blood Lakota and a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. She was in good health but was plagued by Urinary Tract infections that became a burden. She lived at home with her son Robert as her caretaker, with daughter Charlotte lending assistance with bathing, organizing her medications etc. She always believed one should not drink or smoke if they wanted to be healthy. Every Sunday Victoria would receive communion brought to her by Kathy Blea from the St.Thomas church. Victoria and her husband Benjamin Franklin Beauvais raised their 10 children together as best as they could, always working to put food on the table. They promoted education and nearly all of their children earned their college degrees. Victoria grew up near Wood, SD and lived at White Thunder until her parents had a log cabin built. Only Lakota was spoken in the home. Victoria often speaks of the days she spent pumping water for the cows and pulling weeds in their family garden. She speaks proudly of her dear dad, Charging Iron Shooter and her mom Martha Crazy Hawk Iron Shooter as being Spiritual and hardworking people. Victoria had 2 brothers, Frank and Carl Iron Shooter and a step sister, Millie Standing Cloud Turning Bear. Victoria and Benjamin moved to Casper Wyoming during WW2 when he was called to duty with the U.S. Army/ Air Force. Several of their children were born in Casper. Victoria was employed at the coffee shop at the Hotel Townsend. Benjamin spent time in Germany and France and was discharged home after the war. The couple became life-long residents of Mission, SD. Victoria having never attained her high school diploma because she chose to support her siblings in the 1930s. Victoria said she was honored to see her brothers graduate from St. Francis Indian School. Victoria attended St. Francis Boarding School for 8 years and said she really enjoyed her years there, studying Latin and the Catholic faith. She enjoyed playing Basketball and being with friends. *Victoria proudly received her Honorary Doctorate degree from Sinte Gleska University on Aug. 2011 at the RST annual powwow. Victoria always spoke highly of her Beauvais in laws: Charlotte “Lottie” Hawkins and husband Benjamin H. Beauvais with children: Philomene Gunhammer, Margaret Leneaugh, Dorothy May, Irving, Byron. “Grandma Lottie” helped raise all the Victoria and Benjamin F. Beauvais children. Other notable jobs Victoria was proud of were: cleaning the Rosebud Tribal Offices with her sister Millie,cleaning house, picking potatoes in Nebraska fields, Ironing clothes and caregiver duties in Mission, Motel Maid work at both motels in mission, waitressing days and evenings at the Home Café in Valentine Ne., and the Checkerboard Cafe in Mission, and being a Housekeeper at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Mission, SD for 15 years. Victoria enjoyed the church activities, such as the quilters group , the rummage house work and being on the church committee amongst friends like Lucille Barrera. Victoria and Benjamin F. Beauvais children include: Dolores Dee McCloskey (husband Faron, children Deanna, Mara, Vickie, Wayne Starboy Jr.), Benjamin Edward Beauvais (wife Ella, with children, Anthony, Lisa and Lana), Carl D. Beauvais Sr. (children Carl Jr., Michael, Carla), Harvey D. Beauvais (wife Ladora, with children, Ladora, Harvey Jr., Carol Rose, Jesse) Dr. Archie B. Beauvais (wife Amanda with children, Yvonne, Brian, Beaux), Charlotte Beauvais LaPointe (husband Benjamin Hill LaPointe, with children Gary “Wi Cikala”LaPointe, Mrs. Brenna Schmit), Robert J. Beauvais Sr.(children Frances, Lisa, Robert Jr., Brooke) Myron I. Beauvais(Pasquel, Patty, Jaime, Sally, Myron Jr.) Elvis Beauvais, Celeste Beauvais (Chris, Maegan). *Victoria’s funeral was on March 21, 2017 at the St. Thomas Church with Father David Matzko SJ officiating (Lakota songs provided by the Pat Bad Hand drum group. Spiritual music by Walter Hernandez and Skeeter Leader Charge). Victoria was laid to rest at Trinity Episcopal Cemetery in Mission amongst her relatives. *Pallbearers included grandsons: Gary E. LaPointe, Anthony Brian Beauvais, Michael Beauvais, Robert Beauvais Jr. Baptiste “Beaux” Beauvais, Wayne Starboy, Jr. (Victoria will be greatly missed and never forgotten for the legacy she left for all who knew & loved her, most importantly her Ten children, #37 grandchildren and #119 great-grandchildren and #27 great-great grandchildren, #1 greatgreat great grandchild).

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