2011-02-16 / Sports

Bennett County finishes with five championships, wins BC Invitational

MARTIN – With five individual championships, Bennett County took the team championship in the Bennett County Invitational last month which included teams from 13 schools across western South Dakota and northern Nebraska.

Team results included 1)Bennett County 151.5, 2)RC Central JV 117, 3)Winner JV 105, 4)RC Stevens JV 102, 5)Crawford 79.50, 6)Valentine JV 75.50, 7)Custer JV 70, 8)Todd County 62, 9)Red Cloud 50, 10)Hill City 48, 11)Pine Ridge 32, 12)Lyman 31 and 13)Little Wound 4.

Individual results include: 103 Marshall Swanson/HC over Cody Gents/RCStevens JV by fall 1:07, 3rd Hayden Hansen/RC Central over Nathan Dressel/RCC JV 6-2; 112 Sam Ireland /BC 7-3 over Dominic Schooler/HC, 3rd Brett Beyer/RC Stevens JV over Tyrel Haley/Win by fall 1:23; 119 Caleb Marler/RC Cent tech fall over Tyrel Homrighausen/Crawford, 3rd Zach Ayers/Win 14-2 over Landon Fanning/Lyman; 125 Nick Hayes/Lyman by fall :19 Haydon Schelske/Lyman, 3rd Brady Rude/RCC JV by fall :39 over Ohitica Elk/Little Wound; 130 Skyler Livermont/BC by fall 2:26 over Derek Hockenberry/Valentine, 3rd CFody Larson/ BC 4-0 over Ryan Wagner/RCC; 135 Kalen Hollopeter/Val by fall 3:01 over Lane Pourier/RC, 3rd Austin Chelborad/RCS by fall 4:56 over Brady Hicks/BC; 140 Seth Ireland/BC by fall 1:51 over Charis Mader/Craw, 3rd Tronsen Allen/TC 12-6 over Nolan Donahue/ Win; 145 Taylor Scherer/BC 6-0 over Sage Marshall/TC, 3rd Carlson Oliver/RCS JV by fall 2:02 over Casey Siedler/Cus; 152 Trevor Larsen/Win by fall 3:11 over Sam Mercure/Val, 3rd Kory McGuire/RCS JV by fall :21 over Donald McCleary/Val JV; 160 Cody Schelecter/ Cus by fall 5:52 over Jon Nolting/ RCS JV, 3rd Scott Assman/Win over Jam,ie Quinn/Craw; 171 Dalton McCollam/ BC by fall 1:14 over Zach Scheider/ RCC JV, 3rd Logan Boerner/Win 8-3OT over Mike Murray/Cus; 189 Tyrell O’Donnell/RC by fall 3:27 over Billy Alexander/Cus, 3rd Jacob/Win 8- 3 over Avaran Kvistad/Craw; 215 Julian Dunn/RCC JV by fall 3:53 over TJ Heinert/ TC, 3rd AJ Waters/PR by fall :21 ovrt Scott Two Bulls/RC; 285 Ty Dixon/PR by fall 5:18 over Brandon Smith/Craw, 3rd Sawyer Rous/BC by fall 3:36 over Robert Stover/PR.

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