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Porcupine School now officially named Pahin Sinte Owayawa
PORCUPINE - Porcupine School is now "Pahin Sinte Owayawa." The Porcupine School Board made the decision in their October meeting of this year. The outer shell of the new school building is nearing completion and on target to be finished by January, 2008. Work will then begin on the interior of the school. The sign for the new building will be “Pahin Sinte Owayawa".

The school Christmas program is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 10 a.m. with individual class Christmas parties scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 18 followed by regular dismissal. Winter Break begins for students on Wed., Dec. 19 with school resuming after the new year on Jan. 3, 2008.
Students have been encouraged to learn basic study skills. The difference between a successful student and one who's not successful may be as simple as using these study skills. These skills typically cover four areas: Set goals, Organize time, Ask questions, measure progress.

Completing homework is another area where students and parents are encouraged to work together to have a less, hassle-free study time. Since these hassles can affect the entire family. Four simple steps could help eliminate this homework stress.

1. Establish a homework time as students benefit from a routine. While some students work best right after school, others do better right before or after dinner. Parents should give their students a choice but insist on the routine.

2. Insist that homework time happens every day and this will solve the problem of the student saying "I did that at school." Even if the child truly has no homework, he or she can do math problems or reading for practice. This is time well spent to help your student do better in school.

3. As your child ask questions when he says he doesn't understand something. For example, instead of explaining the math, ask, "How did you solve that last math problem? Could you do that here too?"

4. Don't ever do his/her homework for them. One way the teacher sees how much your child is actually learning is by checking their homework. This helps her determine if she needs to re-teach something.

December birthdays are: Johnsie Means, Frank Medicine, Jake Bianas, Flint Tall, Tepengah Lays Bad, Waniyetu Yellow Cloud, , Larae White Crane, Jose Lopez, Wambli Swallow
The school menu for Dec. 10 to Dec. 7 : MON.-Sloppy Jo's, Macaroni Salad, baked beans, jello, milk TUES.-Chicken soup, polishdogs, peaches, milk, WED-Christmas Dinner, Ham, chicken, mashed potato/gravy, veggie blend, fruit salad, bread, cake, drinks THUR-Tator Tot Cassarole, Fruit Bread, Milk, FRI-Corndogs, Mac & Cheese, Pork-n-beans, Fruit, milk.

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