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Dear Anna,

I hate to say this, but I hear a lot about you. People gossip and some say things that are not very nice.
People say, who does she think she is? I have met you and you are very nice, also almost everything you told me would happen to me did happen.
There is talk going around that you think you are a medicine man or a prophet or something. Who are you really, and where do you come from?

I like you anyway.

Dear I like you anyway:

To say that I was a medicine man, a prophet, a saint, or whatever would be against my nature.
Who am I?
I am Anna B. I have no official authority. I have no culture to come from, unless you count my great grandmother who was a gypsy and traveled around the country telling fortunes out of an old wagon, with my grandfather (they never married). My grandfather sold "snake oil," natural and herbal cures. So, who do I think I am? Does that make me a Gypsy Queen?
I knew from the time I was a child I was different than others. I was equally embarrassed by both of my parents perception of God, through their anti-cultural marriage being a Gentile and a Jew.
I knew I was psychic from the time I was three years old.
It took me until I was in my early 40's to become comfortable with that. I discovered that I could heal sick animals when I was ten, and people when I was seventeen.
With those abilities or gifts, from my perspective, there are two responsibilities: Honor the gift, and Honor the lives of others.
It is my perception that my "gifts" comes from Source or God.
They are soul gifts. In order to honor the gifts I strive to live and honorable life. I reach for doing good with my gift. I try to live honorably, and reflect that to and in the world.
Prophecy is something everyone does, every day. It is a pretty hefty word. I have visions, and they include floods, earth disasters, a bombing of a U.S. City,. etc. I have talked with the Bureau of Reclamation regarding the flooding I see of the Cody Wyoming area. I think that word is too big for Anna B. I am comfortable with seeing these things and trying to change the impact of them.
I have had many times in my life when alerting the government of anyone, for that matter, of impending disaster has not had any effect at all; but I keep trying. No, I am not a prophet. I don't thinks prophets become prophets until after they're dead. That seems a far way to go for a title that would be impossible to life up to.
Sometimes people don't like what I say. Sometimes, when I help one person it thwarts another. I come from a good heart. That is where I come from.
I know peace in my heart. I know others can feel and be peaceful. I know they don't have to suffer. I know how to get there, personally, from experience and proof. That is also where I come from.
In the process of seeking God, I have discovered the value of balance in all things. I seek balance.
That is where I come from.
I come from sixty years of living in the world. I come from knowing the stings of many of life experiences.
I come from soul searching and praying.
I come from the experiencing of true miracles upon the earth. I come from the sounds of the "spirits" or "guides" that talk with me. I come from the dead who come to me.
I come from the grief of tears that I feel for the wrongness in the world, I come from understanding that things don't have to be so bad. I come from a place where I see great loss upon the earth, and feel that changing people's minds and understanding of what they can do can soften that impact.
I come from a place of promise, of many years ago, that I made with my "spirits," guides," or "council," to help.
I am a psychic and a healer, and that is what I do. I come from a good place.
I am a human being on a journey in flesh in the world, in the United States, in South Dakota and Nebraska. I am a lot like you are, except, that I am me.

You can email Anna Bee your questions at or fax to (605) 685-1870, or write to PO Box 386, Martin, S.D. 57551.
All requests may be subject to publication.
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This column is meant for entertainment purposes only. The Lakota Country Times owners and employees have no liability regarding this column. This column is for entertainment purposes only.

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