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Dear Anna,

How are you today? I hope all is good for you. Well I just wanted to write a letter to you and ask you a few questions concerning my family and I.

I surely hope you can help me. I'm still in high school and wonder how my future, education wise, is going to be like. I really do enjoy going to school, I also like to get involved in other activities. Lately I've been lacking in school and quitting sports that I'm in. This just isn't me. But I really want to know what sits in the future for me. I also want to become a pediatrician or some sort of doctor that will help people in poor countries.
Another question I would like to ask is how do you see things going for my mother? This year she just found out that she has arthritis. Do you see it clearing up? I love my mom very much and hate seeing her hands swell everyday. I don't want this for her, I pray for her a lot asking guidance and help for her. So please Anna can you fill me on some answers? Oh yeah, there's one more thing do you see any other person in my life right now?

Looking for answers!

Dear Looking for Answers:

I do see a health career - and it looks as though you will be working in orthopedics and rehabilitation for injured and handicapped people. That is a good career choice.

Almost everyone suffers a little burn out now and then. A constant diet with high performance expectation without a balance of relaxation and enjoyment leads to frustration and loss of interest and ambition. Life is about balance, so remember that and always allow yourself time to consider the joyful aspects of living: nature, family, food, reading, entertainment, self-improvement and introspection combined with meditation, and other self-interests. A change of scenery always is a good pressure valve release.
Please tell your mother that glucosamine with codrointen is a good supplement for arthritis. I also recommend massage and exercise. Lots of water and avoid foods high in sodium (i.e. pop).

Yoga works wonders with arthritis, particularly the bending and stretching. I recommend Kundalini Yoga by Germuke (DVD available at Borders), and although I would not expect anyone to keep up with the entire DVD when you first start - it is eventually attainable. When I do Kundalini Yoga I modify many of the aerobic parts and don't jump much - I just shift my weight from foot to foot and lean, rather than jump. The breathing will help release toxins that further solidify the effects of arthritis.

My business partner and I do wonderful work with arthritis. We work on a donation basis. Our type of healing is called Balance Point, and we feel that the Creator and the Spirits work through us to do the actual healing...we are just the instruments. If your mother is interested in an appointment just email the paper and they will let us know.

Your mom doesn't need to concentrate now on what is the matter with her body - that just enhances the pain. Instead, please tell her to focus on what is right. All pain in the body is reflected by some way of thinking in a person. Arthritis generally indicates some resistance to change - so the body becomes "stiff" and has trouble with flexibility.

Yes. I do see a boyfriend. He is quite tall and very thin. He has a little skin trouble and a great smile. His hair often gets in the way of his left eye.

Dear Anna,

I am previously, 'Wondering' from the Windy City, Chicago. I just had to write to you to 'thank you' for answering my letter and to tell you that I appreciate so much your reassurances about my mom. That response from you is so valuable to me and also to my own daughters. I pray God's protection over you and I give thanks for the wonderful gift of 'sight' that was given to you by the Creator.

Please, give me some insight on my future? I feel I have so much to offer and that I am wasting precious time. I need to get involved in something and I am at a loss. Please advise me. I don't want to leave this earth and have not given back or at least tried to make a difference. I would like to make some type of meaningful contribution to my people. But, I don't know where to start.

Help me to see where and what I could be used that could really impact. Not for 'celebrity' but, to be able to leave my mark, so to speak, and truly impact in someone life.

Wondering from the Windy City

Dear Wondering.

Blessings to you and thanks to you. I am blessed by many gifts from the Creator and so am very fortunate.

You are a wonderful person. You are helping everyday - through prayers, kind words, and in other ways as well (lending a helping hand to someone, a smile at a lonely person, etc.). Never underestimate your impact on others.

I do see you helping people at home. I see you gathering things together and sending them to the reservation. This is no small deal - it looks as though it is quite a bit of needed items (like a truck full).

I do see you putting money together (grant?) and creating a fund for children that need special help. I happen to see clothing - but I think it goes far beyond that into providing services in behavior counseling and even braces on a young boy's legs.

I see knit items being sent. I see the hiring of some people from the reservation to come out to your area to make some sort of presentation (this creates a larger funding source and provides employment).

Give yourself time. You have also thought about a fund to create acknowledgment or scholarship for young students in art, music, dance and other traditional and inherent abilities.

Your mark is left on the Mother Earth with every prayer and with every breath. Your desire to help is the first prayer and it will be granted. The Creator Blesses you for your heart and for your will to help create a better Earth experience for The People.

You can email Anna Bee your questions at or fax to (605) 685-1870, or write to PO Box 386, Martin, S.D. 57551.
All requests may be subject to publication.
Clearly mark Ask Anna on your request. This column is meant for entertainment purposes only.
The Lakota Country Times owners and employees have no liability regarding the answers provided. Allow two to three weeks for an answer to Ask Anna inquiries.

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