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Dear Anna,

I hope all is well. I am writing a couple of questions; first of all am I going to be having another baby or is there something medical going on with my body? Are things going to start looking up for me with my career and finances and family? Do you see me applying for a different job and getting it anytime soon?


Dear Questionable:

It looks as though you are not pregnant at this time and that your body is "out of cycle". I do not see anything seriously the matter with your body but please try to watch your diet.
Your finances are slowly pulling together. A steady income is why. Better budget practices would help you. I do see you applying for a different job; probably within six or seven months, you can have that job if you watch for it and apply in time.

Good Luck!

Dear Anna,

I'm a 38-year old single woman who wants to get married to her soul mate and have kids. I have been searching high and low and just wondering if GOD still has that in store for me. I once met with someone who told me that I had one in this lifetime, however that was over five years ago and now I'm older and don't know what else to do and wonder if this man will ever appear and will I have the children I have always wanted my entire life.

To make things worse I'm now having "health" problems and have recently started medication for this problem. I'm scared that this beginning problem is something of a more deeper problem and I'm deathly scared that it may require drastic surgery. I'm hoping it's not as serious as I'm getting the feeling and that I will be able to lead a normal healthy life nd get off this medication. what's going on?

Looking for answers

Looking for answers:

Yes, you do have a soul mate - but, please remember that a soul mate does not necessarily mean easy and clear sailing; a soul mate has an agreement at a soul level to help you become the best you possible. Sometimes this is through lessons and trials. I do see a man coming, he is about seven inches taller than you, a little bit round in build, has been married before and has two (and in some way three) children. I see him in blue jeans and working with the soil, farmers and ranchers.

I do see you with a little girl, I have the impression that you birth her - but it may be that you "receive" her from the birth mother at a hospital.

You are on top of your health. The medical treatment that you are receiving should keep your condition under control. I do see a healing life coming to you. Your worry is basically your imagination trying to create the worst possible scenario for yourself. Understanding that fear and distress feeds illness leads me to warn you to stay in the Grace of Faith - and let go of your nightmare thoughts and replace them with a more positive vision of health. My business partner (Barb A.) and I have an office in Rapid City where we do healing work. I think that we can help you. Please email your phone number if you are interested. We work on a donation basis; so that money should not be an issue.

Don't worry - you have a good life in front of you.

Dear Anna,

I want to come home for a visit this summer. I haven't been home in over 10 years. I'm kinda nervous about seeing everyone again. I don't know why. I pray for strength in doing so. So much has changed since I was last home. I love my family so much. My father totally ignored me my whole life, I don't know why. Not even a birthday card, nothing for 10 years. One time I traveled through a snow storm to see him, He said to call him when I got into town, I did, turns out I was just two blocks from his house, and when I got there (four minutes later) he had run out the door. He actually ran from me, I felt so hurt. Maybe that is why I am kinda scared to come home for a visit. what if he does something again to shame me? I don't think he even loves me. I feel like I should of never been born. Please reply with what you see could happen, help me.

Afraid to go home

Dear Afraid:

There are many other people at home that love you and would love to see you. Your father is the one with the problem - not you. He has an issue with your mother and he has allowed his feelings to create a wide gulf between you.

You can't change him; but you can love him and understand that you can't change his view point and you are not responsible for it. Many children have absent fathers and fathers that they never get to know.

Don't take it personally - he is the one that is missing out. The difference between you and other people is that you know who your daddy is - and many children do not know. The ones that do not know have to live their lives wondering about the man that left - and you know who the man is that left. Many of those children also feel unworthy and that their fathers do no want or love them. Men don't leave their children because they don't love them, especially babies, they leave their children because they do not want to be with the mother.

Your father is not in balance - and it is not your fault. To focus on what you don't have or can't create because you cannot control others is a waste of time. Pray that his heart and mind be doctored, and be thankful for all the family members that do love you. Certainly all their love for you cannot be worth less than one man you cannot relate to. There are worse things in life than having an absent in heart and spirit father.

You made a soul contract before birth to have this man as your father. You are who you are genetically because he is part of your make up.

You also contracted with him to learn something - for the highest good of your journey as a human being. I am certain that what you contracted to learn is not self-pity for what you don't have; but instead, is love, compassion, and thankfulness for those that do love you combined with an understanding of what kind of man you wish to have in your life.

The message is quite clear, You know you don't want a man that leaves his children; so chose a man that you know well enough and long enough who is a good man and will be there for his children, even if you two move in different life directions.

Please enjoy your visit home and love your family. Don't live under a dark cloud caused by one man's inability to relate. It's a waste of your time and ruins a wonderful visit with "mind-think" depression. It's up to you.

Good Luck - the lesson may be hard, but the Creator is still there for you as a Father and a Grand Father. Love that.

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