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The top four toughest ordeals to bear in life by the Lakota
The top four toughest ordeals to bear in life by the Lakota.

1. Losing a first born child.
2. When a mothers dies, and leaves behind a nursing child. There were no nursing bottles and milk in those days.
3. Putting on their leggings on a severe cold morning. Men had to get up and start the fire in the tipi.
4. When a few braves on a war party wre frightened by the over whelming odds by the enemy. Very few escaped to tell about it.

The Lakota translation for this is as follows:
Taku top Lakota wankapaya otehika yawapi hena lena e.

1. Cinca tokapa t’api ki he otehike.
2. Winya wanji t’e na hoksi azinkiyapi wanji ehpeya iyayapi ki he otehike.
3. Osni otehike hanl hunska sniya kic c’unpi he otehike.
4. Zuya conala yus’inyayapi ki he otehike.

Fr. Francis Apple
Kyle, S.D.

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